Kolby Wade Music

Kolby Wade is a New York City based music producer and recording artist with a unique style that unites live drums with vintage keyboards and electronic beats.

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Music found Kolby Wade at an early age. He grew up on the road and in music studios, fostering his love for a tight groove sound. Understanding the working-process and having a musical ear came naturally. Free time was spent with his father, Joel Wade -- a well-established songwriter/producer -- at their home studio on his favorite keyboard, the Yamaha DX7. He picked up the drums at age 13, starting his first band, incorporating electronics & loops, resulting in his distinct, signature heavy drum style. Moving to New York at age 21, he started playing in successful groups like Ladycop and Freak Owls, eventually touring across the US and Europe. Today, you can find Kolby playing drums at small indie-rock clubs or recording pianos at the Brooklyn Conservatory -- diversifying a growing catalog of music.

Email: kolbywade@gmail.com